4 smart beauty products alternatives

These are life savers!

Vanessa Haber


4 smart beauty products alternatives

Whether you’re travelling with limited baggage, locked down at home or simply out of some essential beauty products, some alternatives might work wonder for you. Consider this as beauty hacks you see going viral on YouTube or Instagram, but this is definitely not scam as the following substitutes work wonders. There’s nothing wrong in trying!


Which beauty products work as substitutes?


Body Lotion as shaving cream

Shaving cream creates a thick barrier between the razor and skin in order to prevent redness or irritation. However, if a shaving cream isn’t available in your vacay bag, a body lotion slipped in the bag, will do the job, but make sure to apply a thick layer of body lotion on the skin before shaving. Also, baby oil or coconut oil can be great alternatives for shaving cream.



Mascara or eyeshadow to fill in brows

Keeping a mascara inside your bag is never a bad idea. Sure you can voluminize and curl up your eyelashes in seconds, but you can also fill in your eyebrows making it a smart substitute for eyebrow pen or gel. Just apply a bit of brown or black-brown shade mascara at the base of the eyebrow and brush them upwards. If you feel the color is too concentrated, try to reduce the pigmentation with a tissue.

Also, you can choose a neutral brown eyeshadow to fill in your eyebrows. Use a brush or even your finger on your eyebrows to define them.




Lipstick as blush

No place for your rounded big powdered blush? No problem, just make sure to slip your lipstick in the bag. To add blush on your cheeks with a lipstick, just use your finger and apply the creamy texture on the skin, then blend it well. It should give you the blushing effect in no time. However, if you have a prone-acne skin, better skip this trick.





Mascara as eyeliner

If you’re out of eyeliner, the mascara will also be the rescuer. All you have to do is take the excess liquid of the mascara and place it on the backof your hand or in a clean small container, then take an angular brush to apply it on your eyelids. No worries, mascara is safe but better not to use it on waterline.