Emmanuel Macron meets Fairuz

What did she give him following his visit?

Vanessa Haber


Emmanuel Macron meets Fairuz

The French President Emmanuel Macron arrived yesterday Monday, August 31, to Lebanon on his second visit after Beirut blast on August 4th. Upon his arrival to the Lebanese capital, Macron headed immediately to meet Fairuz, the iconic Lebanese singer, at her home in Rabieh. The Elysée Palace has scheduled this heartwarming meeting with Fairuz at the top of Macron's agenda during his second visit to Beirut.




French President described the star as a strong and beautiful lady, during a statement he made following the visit, which was covered live across all Lebanese channels, and he said that they talked about what she represents for Lebanon.


"I made a promise to her, just like I promise the Lebanese people, that I would do everything to implement reforms so that Lebanon would get better. I promise I will not let you down," he added.


Macron also confirmed that one of his Fairuz’s favorite songs was “Li Beirut” (To Beirut in Arabic).




It seems that the Lebanese ambassador to the stars has offered the French President a painting following his visit, which lasted for about an hour and a half. As French President’s guard was seen carrying Fairuz’s gift, according to Al-Jadeed correspondent: “What did Fairuz give the French President Emmanuel Macron? A painting? By whom? The meeting is still going on, after an hour and fifteen minutes."



The Lebanese news agency also announced that President Emmanuel Macron will award Fairuz the 'Ordre National de La Légion d’Honneur,' the highest official honor in France.