Gucci Model Challenge is all over Tiktok

Recreating Alessandro Michele’s iconic silhouette

Adrien Communier / Madame Figaro


Gucci Model Challenge is all over Tiktok

Flashy colors, a lot of layering and few accessories are going viral on TikTok, and the reason is Gucci's success since the arrival of designer Alessandro Michele as artistic director in early 2015.


Will the new faces of Gucci’s next campaign be from TikTok? That’s exactly how many Internet users seem to think, with the launching of the “Gucci Model Challenge” on teenagers’ favorite social media platform, TikTok. The challenge is simple; pretend to be a Gucci model by picking pieces from your wardrobe to recreate the iconic silhouettes that made Alessandro Michele so successful at Gucci.




Recreating Gucci’s symbols

Actor Lachlan Watson was the first one to bring up this challenge on TikTok. Spotted on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix and during Fashion Weeks, the actor shared, on her TikTok account, a tutorial video in which she breaks down the Gucci outfit process: "First off you need a random turtleneck. Make it colourful. And then some random shirt that doesn't match it, and then a random vest. Layering is important. And then a bright green or bright coloured jacket. Some vinyl pants. Maybe put on a little mini skirt over top of that. I know, stylish. A headscarf. This is very crucial. This is a Gucci staple. I have my Gucci sunglasses on. Some clear heels with some socks, of course. Some bright pink lipstick. And just like that, I'm a model for Gucci."

The video went viral as soon as it was released, and fans took up this challenge by posting their own versions of Gucci’s model, and while the original video posted by Lachlan Watson is no longer available on TikTok, the challenge now has more than 10.7 million views through the hashtag #GucciModelChallenge.


To recreate a Gucci’s model, the best thing is to hit the codes of the artistic director of the Italian house. First, the build-up effect, which is Gucci’s famous layering, with flashy tones and brightly colored turtleneck under a mismatched shirt, jacket and coat. Same scenario goes for the bottoms with vinyl pants or maybe a miniskirt to pair the look with.

Accessories are also a must to meet Gucci’s spirit, such as the head scarf, which crucial and basic for the brand, widely popularized by rapper Asap Rocky in recent years. Oversized sunglasses, heels with socks and pink lipstick to complete this iconic silhouette of Gucci’s, which is highly present at Alessandro Michele’s runways.


Gucci’s Modern Mastermind

Since taking over the artistic direction of the Italian label, Alessandro Michele has done a radical transformation of Gucci’s image. Former right-hand of Frida Giannini, whom he replaced at short notice in January 2015, succeeded in infusing a maximalist aesthetic inspired by the 70’s; the world of art and a universe of mysticism, sprinkled with a good dose of androgyny and fetishism.


Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele


A hijacked form of beauty that conquered the fashion world from the designer's first fashion show with a men's collection designed in just five days! A winning bet for Kering, which had taken the risk of betting on a little-known designer. Five and a half years later, everything is green. Alessandro Michele boosted the brand's turnover (9.6 billion euros in 2019) by more than doubling the brand's sales between 2016 and 2019. His secret is to seduce millennials with flagship pieces, such as white Ace sneakers, logo belts, oversized sweatshirts, signed by Gucci’s logo.


Alessandro Michele also managed to stand out thanks to his creative runways where boys look like girls and vice versa. In July, the brand called on its own employees to be the models during the digital presentation of its 2021 cruise collection. A cast of anonymous people who showed up on TikTok with this new challenge and who could (perhaps) be Gucci’s next models, maybe? Give Alessandro Michele some ideas for his future campaigns or runways...