5 New Books for Your Reading Routine This Fall

Some titles got us hyped!

Christina Jaber


5 New Books for Your Reading Routine This Fall

Romance, action, fiction and much more are on our list this fall. As the weather gets colder, we start spending more time at home. Take a look on our 5 picks, of the newest for you to enjoy this season!



1- Take a hint, Dani Brown – Talia Hibbert

If you’re into Romance, then this one’s for you. PhD student Dani Brown ends up in one half of a viral video duo with Zafir during a fire drill miscommunication and they start fake-dating. Yes, could be a “Happily ever after” type of a story, but just enjoy the steamy, sexy, and emotional journey.




2- The Shame – Makenna Goodman

Well, such a novel will leave you wondering and asking yourself questions.

It goes through the life of Alma – writer and never-leaving-home type of woman- leaves us with some feminist and daring ideas with deep commentaries on the modern perception.




3- The new wilderness - Diane Cook

This 400 pages book mixes tragedy with beauty, fear with comfort, and horror with chill. The novel is sometimes brutal other times smooth. Some mother-daughter relationships will be covered. Not to be missed!




4- White is for witching – Helen Oyeyemi

Well, I enjoy falls more than summers, I love their vibe. If you feel the same, then this one’s for you. A creepy story about some family legacy will leave you with more questions than answers. Horror and fiction lovers will definitely fall in love with this one.




5- Welcome to Braggsville - T. Geronimo Johnson

A book that moves from simple to complicate in a glimpse of an eye. You can’t read it and not starting to compare it to your own life, what you learned and what you lived.