Makeup tips and tricks for a fresh daily look

Upgrade your routine

Christina Jaber


Makeup tips and tricks for a fresh daily look

You have always wanted that cute fresh makeup that looks like you did not put any makeup on, but you never feel like you nailed it, there’s always something missing or something wrong.

First, you have to stop telling yourself that you can’t do it, because if 13 years’ old tiktokers can, then you also definitely can.

Second, keep reading and take some notes on the easiest tips and tricks that will upgrade your makeup routine and fill in the blanks.


Start fresh

Wash, exfoliate and moisturize your face, then immediately start applying makeup, because your face needs to be clean and fresh for it to accept powdery or sticky makeup.


Eye makeup first

In other words: Avoid getting messy. When you start first with your eyeshadow, you won’t be worried about eyeshadow falling on your cheeks or under your eyes.



Natural brows

The key to natural brows is a lighter brow pencil than the shade of your hair brows, because the goal is to line your hair brows not draw another brow on top of them. Use the pencil softly and fill smoothly the blanks. 



Benefit Microfilling eyebrow pen




Apply concealer the right way

First, do not apply concealer straight away under your lash line, leave some space between the concealer and your eye. Second, if you want to really brighten your under-eye area, apply the concealer in a triangular shape Draw the base of the triangle under your lash line and the tip pointing toward the apple of your cheek. Blend smoothly to cover all the area.



Neutral eyeshadows are enough

If you’re opting for a daily fresh look, then we have already removed a winged eyeliner from the list. Blacks, dark blues, dark maroons, and pop colors are also out of the list, replace them with some natural nude hues or pastel pinks.




Charlotte Tilbury Walk Of No Shame Palette




Glow brightness over a full-coverage foundation

You don’t feel like you can go out with a bare skin? We all get the feeling, but applying foundation on a daily basis will damage your pores. Switch to a powdery and less active formula. Fresh looks all about some glow brightness.




Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil from Gucci