Samah Khashoggi launches her latest collection in the first Saudi Fashion Show ever

Christina Jaber


Samah Khashoggi launches her latest collection in the first Saudi Fashion Show ever

On Ras Al Abyad Island in Yanbu, in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Fashion industry witnessed its first show on the Red Sea with more than 300 attendees. Saudi Designer Samah Khashoggi of “Samah Abayas” showcased 22 looks through the first fashion show ever in Saudi Arabia, and being the first female designer to do it, means that she simply made history yesterday.  



Saudi designers have always been on the run to prove themselves, and they’re succeeding, because we are witnessing designs that are no less beautiful and elegant than international designs. All they need is an opportunity to prove themselves, and designer Samah Khashoggi took the chance to another level, taking us on a boat trip with her 22 beach and travel inspired looks. However, the designer was not working alone, the whole team, from photographers to models, stylists, directors and music supervisors, they were all Saudi.



The event is important not only because of the place it took, a cruise ship on the Red Sea, or because it is the first fashion show in Saudi Arabia, but also because of the timing. During the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Samah Khashoggi definitely gave us a message: nothing could not make her less eager to prove herself and make her dream come true.


The collection

Samah Abayas showcased 22 designs that reflected travel and holiday spirits, inspired by the beauty of the Red Sea. The founder of the brand and the head of creativity, Samah Khashoggi combined traditional and modern vibes in her looks. While she used traditional techniques from the Hejaz region, she made sure to add modern motifs.

Mystery and magic were two characteristics of the designs, and you can’t but feel them, as they are reflected in the modest and elegant cuts on one hand and in the colors ranging from blue to purple to white on another hand.

Peachy prints and huge flowers embroidered on the gowns were nothing but chic meeting modern.

The collection definitely features the empowered woman who is full of life and energy, but who also enjoys serenity and respects traditions at the same time.