Meet Hiba Rizkallah the designer behind the Lebanese label Bonbonhats

Hanane Tabet


Meet Hiba Rizkallah the designer behind the Lebanese label Bonbonhats

Royals are not the only ones who fancy hats. Whether in summer or in winter, hats are the ultimate accessory that will give that extra touch of elegance to your looks. We met with Hiba Rizkallah, a talented Lebanese interior architect who is also the designer behind bonbonhats, the handmade hats made in Lebanon. She shared with us her inspiration, her dreams and her projects.


How did it all start?

Since I was a kid, arts and music were my escape. Spending a weekend over a painting was the best treat. This lead to an interior architect career. In 2018, I started designing hats from my living room back home and that how it started.


Why did you choose to design hats?

Every woman cares about her physical appearance and since doing our hair is crucial before any occasion whether you're going to work, having a dinner, or going shopping. However, doing our hair takes time, which we don’t always have. I wanted a simple, smart, quick, cost and time efficient, and elegant idea. Hats were the optimum solution and “simple is smart” was created.




What are your sources of inspiration?

What inspires me the most is the productive woman, who is constantly running around and has limited time to get ready before going to work , and French women were the best inspiration since hat is an integral part of their daily look and lifestyle. Also, cities around the world were a great source of inspiration especially that I’m a passionate traveler. Cities have sunsets, sunrises, colors, moods, natures…


Tell us about your latest collection.

The new collection is inspired from sailors. As a true Lebanese woman, I love the sea, and sailors have lots of inspiring stories to tell. It's named the Sailor's collection inspired specifically from their good luck culture in terms of colors and mood, this collection is doing great. I can say now it's a hero collection.




Who would you like to see wearing your hats?

Every woman around the world, that’s my dream. Being more realistic, every smart working woman looking to a simple yet smart way to look elegant and classy.


Where can we find your designs?

Online, on our Instagram account, and at Abc Dbayeh level 1.



What are the challenges you are facing?

Clearly, the typical everyday Lebanese challenges, which are the currency shortage, the banking crisis and all its effects on import, as we need to get materials from abroad to be able to create the designs.


Your upcoming projects.

A physical retail store with my best friend Alife, somewhere in downtown Beirut. Alife has under her belt more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. It is still proven in the fashion industry that nothing can replace the physical experience, consumers need to try, mix and match in order to choose well.