Mom bloggers to follow

They have a good sense of humor, they're modern and stylish.


Mom bloggers to follow

These mothers manage to go through life with a big smile. Here's our selection of our favorite Lebanese, international and even famous mom bloggers you can follow!

It's been already a year since we met her, when she was expecting for the first time. This passionate blogger has already revealed her new project: changing her lifestyle blog to a blog that discloses her experience as a mother, and she kept her promise. Ivysays is now a maternity reference in which Dana Khairallah shares her tips, pictures of family events like the baptism of her little Luca. Her latest blogpost? "23 more things nobody tells you about Having a Baby" and we love it!

This network connects Lebanese mothers and allows them to share their experiences and advices. This blog is managed by Dina Maktabi, the mom behind Mums in Beirut. She lets us discover the pleasure of being a mom and provides us with useful information on activities and family trips to discover in Beirut with her children, nutrition counseling, health and education... in short, everything a modern mom under pressure needs!


Gwyneth Paltrow:

When we enter the magical world of one of the most glamorous Hollywood stars, we just can't deny the refined taste it brings out. Even if we can't really afford Gwyneth Paltrow's whims, we can still get inspired. 7 year old Apple and 6 year old Moses' mother shares her favorite recipes, offers us the latest fashion trends for children and the stories of her family trips and holidays, wellness recommendations, and more.


Felicity Huffman:

Who knows better than Felicity Huffman aka Lynette Scavo - the very brave mom of 6 in Desperate Housewives - to give us advice on motherhood?

This blog reveals a variety of useful tips for moms, organized into categories such as DIY, child safety, how to survive the summer holidays... the actress herself offers practical advice, and her famous friends, sisters, experts and guest bloggers collaborate with Flicka from time to time. We love her easy to make recipes that are suitable for children and her many practical tips such as breastfeeding.

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