My friend keeps copying me!

This is so annoying...


My friend keeps copying me!

Same haircut, same look, attitudes and reactions! You crack on a pair of shoes and the following week she buys them? Okay let’s admit it, at first, we’re quite flattered to be a reference in fashion and have our own clone, but having someone copying you all the time and stealing your identity can become way too annoying!

Is she doing it on purpose or is she simply following the trends of the season? If your friend also wears these hot eye cat sunglasses, maybe she is simply up to date with today’s fashion don’t you think? Don’t forget that malls in Lebanon can be counted on the fingers of your hands, the chances of buying the same item are not very low…

To be really sure that you're dealing with an imitator, do the opposite of what she expects from you. For example, wear those compensated shoes she hates so much. If you see her wearing those same shoes a few days later, there is frankly something to worry about. It is time to take action.

Start by clearly and explicitly showing her that this behavior is becoming really annoying and disturbing. Highlight her lack of autonomy and individuality can be a first step towards healing.

In practice, during a shopping session, put back the jacket that you pretended you wanted to buy right before you get to the cashier, your imitator with the same jacket in her hands will have no choice but to buy it! Besides her embarrassment, she will clearly understand that she depends on your choices.