Two celestial destinations.

Elga Trad



Beyond the beauty of places and landscapes, the San Giorgio hotel offers a chic and refined architecture in pure white. Right next door, the Scorpios Beach, a place filled with character takes on the chic bohemian decor.


A relaxing and pleasant environment

The impeccable decoration is based on the selected white color with the walls painted with traditional lime and decorative white accessories, heated with bamboo, wood, rough ancient stones and colorful fabrics; natural materials that help bring a positive energy.
The structures formed with old wood have been preserved as well as the main structure of the hotel which belongs to Design Hotels. The 32-room hotel is surrounded by picturesque white houses along the coastlines.


An enchanting exchange

The beach, perched on a ridge between two amazing sandy beaches, is located in the wild edge of a protected nature reserve. It's similar to a peninsula, offering uninterrupted panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, and you'll have the privilege of attending the sunrises and sunsets.
The beach area was transformed in the spirit of modern day agora, and was designed in the same spirit as the hotel, with stones, beams and bamboo, and it's also covered in white, to create a similar set. To keep this ancient and elemental spirit, urns and terracotta glazed stones and simple wooden furniture have been placed in open and closed spaces.


A picturesque character

In the main room of the hotel, you can distinguish a majestic plain wooden table, around which gather benches and loose stools.
The rooms are of primitive style with minimal effects to give the impression of old times.
Crumpled linen house laundry, thick quilted cotton bedspreads, ceramics, Berber carpets and elegant tiles helped creating an authentic impression. Overlooking the sea and gardens, the views are stunning. You can even relax in a macrame hammock on the terrace which calls for contemplation and plenitude.