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5 Fashion Designers That We Love

Hanane Tabet


Saudi Fashion

Saudi fashion designers are changing the fashion scene in the Kingdom and breaking into the international fashion scene, with their talent, their creativity, and the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, Saudi fashion designers are changing the fashion scene in the Kingdom, and breaking into the international fashion scene.

Today, we rounded up 5 of our favorite emerging Saudi fashion designers who caught our eyes with their creativity, know-how, and talent.

Meet the Saudi Fashion designers you should add to your wardrobe right now.


Noora Hefzi - Saudi Fashion Designer

Noora Hefzi

Noora had an eye for beauty and all things beautiful from a young age. The Saudi designer first started collecting fabrics, then she started changing details in pieces she bought, or adding and removing things to customize them to her personal style.

Her vision of fashion is of timeless elegance, and her designs are made to go way beyond trends. So if you’re a woman who loves the mix of modernity and understated luxury, and of classic and contemporary, then this label is made for you. Each piece is handmade from luxurious fabrics, in a neo-modern minimalist aesthetic, with interesting and often unexpected details.

Arwa Al Banawi - Saudi Fashion Designer

Arwa Al Banawi

“Designed for the woman on the go” is her brand slogan; her aesthetic is subtly androgynous yet undoubtedly feminine. The Saudi fashion designer launched her namesake brand in 2015, after studying at the London College of Fashion in Dubai. Al Banawi has both women empowerment and Arab culture in mind when she works on her designs.

The brand showcases a beautiful mix of contrasts, where traditional tailoring blends with contemporary East meets West perspectives, and a focus on professional yet fashion forward womenswear.



Razan Al Azzouni - Saudi Fashion Designer

Razan Al Azzouni

Saudi designer Razan Al Azzouni breathes art. Since she was a child, her passion was for all things related to art, especially sculpture, but also fashion. After her graduation from The School of Museum of Fine Arts and TUFTS University in Boston, Massachusetts, she decided to focus solely on fashion to develop her own label.

We love her creations because they are glamorous but not heavy; elegant yet modern, sculptural yet comfortable. Everything is special about her namesake label, from the use of soft luxurious textures on to the sculptural and artistic vibe she infuses in her designs. It’s all about exuding the femininity, delicacy and grace of contemporary Arab women.



Daneh Buahmad, Daneh Design - Saudi Fashion Designer

Daneh Buahmad, Daneh Design

Dubai-based Saudi fashion designer Daneh Buahmad launched her label in 2011 with these words in mind: effortless chic, contemporary, and heritage. You probably wonder how she can mix these codes in wearable and beautiful designs, and yet, the success of Daneh Design is the proof that the designer’s ideas were met by contemporary Arab women’s needs and desires.

Daneh’s emphasis on beautifully crafted modern clothes with subtle mix of Arab culture and heritage makes her designs loved by modern women in the region.



Alia Al Sawwaf, SWAF Design - Saudi Fashion Designer

Alia Al Sawwaf, SWAF Design

Fashion has a great influence on the documentation of any historical era”, says Alia Al Sawwaf.

This Saudi fashion designer turned her passion into reality by launching her Couture Brand “SWAF” after studying fashion in Paris. From her first collection in 2010 on to her recent designs, Alia worked hard to place her label SWAF on the fashion map, using unique techniques to mix Arabian traditions with international style, creating pieces that appeal to the modern Saudi women.

SWAF Design is specialized in Haute Couture, light summer dresses, swimwear & beachwear, as well as wedding and evening gowns.