UAE Fashion

The UAE-based Brands We Are Adding To Our Wardrobe

Hanane Tabet


UAE Fashion

The UAE fashion sphere is definitely buzzing, especially with all the Dubai-based fashion influencers, as well as renowned and growing class of local and Arab designers.

The UAE is in constant evolution and progress, and keeps creating chances and opportunities. And when it comes to fashion, Dubai is becoming an important center, and is in constant state of creativity and innovation. Indeed, regional influencers and entrepreneurs have made UAE their home, and with the rise of homegrown designers who are breaking the stereotypes, both Dubai and the UAE are now on the fashion map. When one used to think of UAE fashion, it was all about luxury brands, bling, and spending sprees.

Things have changed, and young UAE fashion designers are more focused now on sustainability, street wear, craftsmanship, incorporating the rich local heritage into their designs, and modernizing traditional garments to cater the contemporary fashion-forward Arab woman as well as different women around the world. We’ve picked out four UAE-based fashion designers making a name for themselves, you should be keeping an eye on.


Madiyah Al Sharqi x Karen Wazen - UAE Fashion

Madiyah Al Sharqi

Being the daughter of the ruler of Fujairah HH Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al SharqiSheikha Madiyah al Sharqi grew up surrounded with high fashion. Her mother was a stylish and elegant woman, and this triggered Sheikha Madiyah’s passion for fashion. Upon graduating from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD)she launched her namesake label in 2012.

Feminine, powerful, elegant, and contemporary describe well the Madiyah Al Sharqi woman. The Emirati designer knows well when and how to include embroideries and focus on the feminine vibe. Not only Arab influencers among whom Lana El-Sahely and Rym Saidi are her fans, but she also made it to international celebrities’ wardrobes including Alessandra Ambrosio, Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra and others. 

She recently collaborated with Karen Wazen to create a breathtaking collection for the modern woman on the go. 



 Huda Al Nuaimi - UAE Fashion

Huda Al Nuaimi

Established in 2016Huda Al Nuaimi label aims to empower and spread happiness through the luxury accessories and ready-to-wear collectionsThe Emirati designerusing hand-embroideryembellishmentscolor and intricate detail – while never straying from flattering yet playful silhouettes – creates each of her collections with the fun, carefree and stylish female in mind.

She loves handcrafted embroideries, and each one of her collections has to include embellished and embroidered staples

Not only an accessories line, Huda Al Nuaimi is also a signature womenswear label boasting feminine and colorfully fun silhouettes, across which she embraces change and breaks limitations. 



Hessa Falasi UAE Fashion

Hessa Falasi

I love elegance, simplicity, quality, and timeless designs” says designer Hessa Falasi

Emirati designer Hessa Falasi launched her label in 2011, and quickly made a name for herself in modest fashion, becoming the most searched for Abaya designer online. Hessa Falassi takes traditional staples of the Middle East and gives them a contemporary and fresh twist. Her milestone moment was when she launched the belted abaya, a trend that became a timeless essential. Her designs are inspired by art and beauty, and of course by Arabic culture, to cater for the modern Arab woman. They are timeless and simple but luxurious at the same time. We think it’s time you put one of her designs in the festive Abaya picks for Ramadan. 



 Faiza Bouguessa - UAE Fashion

Faiza Bouguessa

UAE fashion label Bouguessa, which has taken a corner in the Saudi pop-up store during the Holy Month, has a Dubai-based founder and designer behind it, who succedded at putting the label on the UAE fashion mapFaiza Bouguessa started working with textiles as a hobby and turned it into passion and later on into a label of her own namesake

Her pieces won’t look like any modest piece you come across, instead, they’re a piece of art, due to the love she has for art and the inspiration she gets from architecture and global culture. Bold lines, geometric styles, minimalist sophistication, feminine elegance, modern silhouettes and more are waiting for you to add them to your classy, chic, and fun wardrobe. 

If Queen Rania, Beyoncé and more celebrities have already made statements with Bouguessa pieces, why can’t you?