The Best Oscars Hairstyles Of All Time

Justine Feutry – Madame Figaro


The Best Oscars Hairstyles Of All Time

The 93rd Academy Awards, aka The Oscars, will take place on Monday April 26th. One more time, stunning gowns will take over the red carpet, so will hairstyles. 

So why don’t we go back in time, and revisit the most iconic hairstyles ever by the celebrities who marked the history of cinema. 


Lady Gaga Hairstyle


Julia Roberts Hairstyle


From the glamorous chignon of the award-winning Julia Roberts to Lady Gaga's ponytail in 2015, the Oscars red carpet has seen so many fancy hairstyles over the years. If you’re wondering about the challenge the celebrity hairdressers face whenever it’s the Oscars red carpet, we’ll break it down for you: they need to combine both the personalities of the guests and the dresses imagined by the greatest fashion houses. And of course to stand out and innovate.

To succeed in standing out from the crowd, the techniques vary. Some actresses rely on the iconic bun which is reinvented according to trends. Penélope Cruz dares it oversized (XXL) in 2005, while Rooney Mara went for a more daring version and embellished hairstyle with a fringe in 2012.


Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle


Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle


Braids, ponytail and others

Braids stand out as a real challenge, because they can be seen as too girly romantic, but we loved them on Gwyneth Paltrow in 2002, and on Jennifer Aniston in 2009. As for the ponytail, we saw it on Lady Gaga in 2015, and Beyoncé in 2009. And we can’t also forget the ultra-crisp half-tail of Jennifer Lopez


Scarlett Johansson Hairstyle


In love with asymmetry

Very trendy on the red carpet, asymmetrical hairstyle games are among our favorites. Liv Tyler went for it in 2004, as well as Marion Cotillard who won an Oscar in 2008, and Emma Stone in 2015 with her famous “One-shoulder” bob haircut. The one that’s more out-of-the-box is Scarlett Johansson’s half-hawk with which the actress was definitely among the celebrities who made a statement at the Oscars.  


Cameron-Diaz Hairstyle


Natalie Portman Hairstyle


Lucy-Boynton Hairstyle


Accessories: The precious addition

Finally, we saw the love for head accessories, of any kind: starting with Cameron Diaz’s side buckle in 1998, on to the headbands of Winona Ryder in 2000, Nathalie Portman in 2005 and Keira Knightley 10 years later. Actress Lucy Boynton recently chose a beautiful head piece for the Oscars: a row of pearls that adorned her side parting.