Margot Robbie Is The New Face of Chanel J12

It’s all about seconds

Hanane Tabet


Margot Robbie Is The New Face of Chanel J12

Australian actress Margot Robbie joins the faces of the iconic Chanel J12 watch campaign initiated in 2019. The Chanel J12 is the watch for every milestones in a woman’s life, and the perfect accompaniment for every second. Whether it is the longest second of a lifetime on the day of an important decision, or preparing a soft-boiled egg with perfect culinary precision, catching an airplane or missing a taxi, our existence is a succession of milestones that are of no coincidence. In the campaign launched in 2019 for the most iconic Chanel watch, iconic women such as Ali McGraw, Carole Bouquet, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer share their personal experiences about a second that changed their lives. In 2021, Margot Robbie joins them: “It feels incredibly special to be alongside such inspiring women in this campaign. Embodying the J12 watch to me is acknowledging and appreciating time.”



The Academy Award nominated actress and producer who has captivated global audiences with breakout performances is a friend and ambassador of the French luxury house since 2012 and has chosen to wear Chanel on many occasions. Margot Robbie lately channeled retro-chic glamour in a timeless Chanel gown at the Oscars 2021.


"It’s a dream to represent such a timeless and iconic brand. The history of the Chanel woman is so exciting and the brand has remained such a power feminine standard of style. I’m thrilled to be part of the CHANEL family and continue their celebration of women and fashion." She says.



Margot Robbie Is The New Face of Chanel J12