Give life to your images.

Joyce Najm



The world of imagegraphy and video regularly brings us innovative cameras and gadgets. Nevertheless, we witness a tidal wave of nostalgia which is reflected by a comeback to the retro-vintage imagegraphy trend. Many companies have emerged from the success of vintage imagegraphy as soon as they realized the magnitude of this phenomenon.
This is the case of Prynt, the first French start-up launched on the platform of crowdfunding Kickstarter. Founded in 2014 by polytechnicians Clément Perrot and David Zhang, the company based in San Francisco had a tremendous start, thanks to its vintage and modern case that turns smartphones into polaroid. With its small mobile printer, Prynt is the first smartphone case that prints images instantly.
How does it work?
Simply slide your smartphone and press the shutter button to print the image in seconds. Technically speaking, you should find the zink paper (zero ink). These sheets of pre-inked papers are developped thanks to integrated color molecules that are sensitive to the heat emitted by the case during their development. But the concept of Prynt does not stop there. The start-up that wanted to mix instant imagegraphy and augmented reality also allows users to revive their images. The Prynt Case records a few seconds of videos at the time of the shooting, and it is enough to point our smartphone on the image paper so that it comes to life and replays the moment on the screen.
Its 'plastic' appearance makes it look like a toy. For now, the printer is available in three colors: black, white and blue. Prynt is compatible with Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5) and with the iPhone (iPhone 5 / 5S, iPhone 6).