Soft makeup looks for the weekend

Christina Jaber


Soft makeup is your go-to for casual and formal looks, no matter the occasion, but how to nail it? Keep scrolling. 

Creating a soft makeup look is not the easiest but is not the hardest as well, especially with all the tutorials and hacks we are coming across on social media. However, the key is finding the right makeup products that’ll guarantee a smudge-free and long-lasting makeup (We will help you with this too). 

We’re sure you already have your plans ready for the weekend, and you might’ve thought of your outfits but you just improvise once you’re in the makeup stage of getting ready, which is why we decided to inspire you with soft makeup looks, tutorials and more to have a weekend-ready makeup idea.  


But first, what’s a soft makeup? 

It’s your way to say “I did not put SO MUCH effort into this and I am naturally beautiful”.

Remember the no-makeup-makeup looks we’ve always been fans of? Well, the soft makeup is of that family but can be worn on casual days just like it can be worn for formal or casual chic occasions. The key is to avoid putting too much products while infusing a glam touch to look effortlessly beautiful. 


Some oft makeup hacks we spotted on Instagram 

The Sun-kissed hack: 

Having a sun-kissed natural look is what I die for, so I use this hack for my daily office makeup look (It’s one that takes me 10 minutes). After your morning beauty routine and your SPF moisturizer, grab one of your soft pink lipsticks and draw three dots on each of your cheeks (right next to your nose) and blend them very well. Complete the look with a satin-like lipstick and you’re ready to take off. 


One graphic liner is enough

A soft makeup can consist of the right tan with soft contouring and highlighter. If you want the look to pop and be unique and attractive, then a graphic liner is your go-to and you’d stay in the soft makeup category. 


Hilda Dagher - Soft Make up Look

Makeup artist Hilda Dagher @hildadagher


Plumped lips are key  

A glossy lipstick is the right product you’re about to invest in for this step. Choose the lip liner and lipstick colors you favor, contour your lips and fill them, then add the gloss for extremely plumped lips. They’ll definitely be show-stealing. 


How to create a soft makeup look? 

Soft makeup is all about the base: radiant and hydrated. The first step is a sheer foundation with a matt concealer to highlight under your eyes. The second step is a soft contouring (preferably powder contouring with 1 shade down your foundation not more), and then blush your cheeks (Use the hack), and highlight your cheekbones, nose tip and eye lids, plump your lips and you’re ready to go. 

You’re probably convinced by now that a soft makeup can be 10 times more attractive than a full-makeup with smoky eyes. If so, then you’ll need some of our favorite soft makeup looks we gathered from Instagram. 


Kim Kardashian Soft MakeUp Look

We loved this look on Kim Kardashian. Her pink lips and long lashes are very attractive.



Rawan Bin Hussain Soft MakeUp Look

This Rawan Bin Hussain’ look wins our soft glam trophy. 



Nadine Nassib Njeim Soft MakeUp Look

Nadine Nassib Njeim looks fabulous in a soft and perfectly contoured face. 



Hailey Bieber Soft MakeUp Look

Hailey Bieber goes with velvety satin-like pink lips and light brown eyeshadow. 



leen.brinjikji Soft MakeUp Look

Leen Brinjikji looks glowing in a makeup that’s based on highlighting her beautiful features. 


Blogger Nicole Masifilo @sce.nic on instagram shows us how to perfect the sun-kissed look.