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Three Game-changer Nose Contouring Tutorials We Spotted On Instagram

Christina Jaber


Three Game-changer Nose Contouring Tutorials We Spotted On Instagram

Nose contouring isn’t always the easiest, just like that wing eye-liner. 

I love makeup! Believe me, a lip gloss can become my obsession in seconds and a highlighting palette can make its way through my cheeks and eyes in no time. However, there are some steps in pulling a makeup look that I find hard enough, the wing eyeliner is one and nose contouring is another. Whenever I contour my nose, I start feeling like someone is going to ask me why do I have white paint in the middle of my nose and bronze around. To avoid such a situation, I had to do my research and I found some tutorials that’ll make you look like you had a perfect nose job.

Trust me, these Instagram Reels are about to change your makeup routine. 


The one with the lipstick

Grab one of your brown-ish lipsticks (should be glossy not matt) and draw the two famous lines around your nose, contour your nostrils and add a little horizontal line to draw your tip nose point. Blend really well and then add the light vertical line in the middle and blend again. Highlight the tip of your nose and enjoy a perfectly contoured nose. 



The one with the tweezer

For this one, you’ll need your tweezer. Flip your tweezer upside down and stuck it around your nose then start filling with the darker contouring stick. Blend well, add the lighter shade in a think horizontal line, blend again and you’re good to go. This is perfect for you if your hand can’t seem to stop shaking when contouring your nose. 



The one with the little brush 

A little sharp brush can nose-contour like no other. Use a little brush when applying the bronzing gel exactly on the right spots (check the following video). Use the white powder to keep the two sides bright then apply highlighter in the middle for a glittery look. This technique tells us that the two borders of your nose don’t have to be darkened, only one line is enough to have a well-shaped nose.