Is Ben Affleck wearing The Watch Jennifer Lopez gifted him?

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Is Ben Affleck wearing The Watch Jennifer Lopez gifted him?

The mysterious gift Jennifer Lopez offered to Ben Affleck back when they first started dating is coming back to the scene lately. Since it was recently spotted on the actor’s wrist, the whole social media was triggered investigating where it came from. 

If the recent talks about Bennifer being back together hasn’t dominated the media, then what has? We are about to give you: The memory watch. Ben Affleck wore a few days ago in Miami a watch considered a memory of their first relationship. A flame of the past was revived as paparazzi claim that they spotted a watch in the shape of a strap on a mysterious curb bracelet entirely set with diamonds. A timepiece offered by the actress in 2002 seen during a stealth appearance in one of her music videos, which immediately piqued the interest of watch enthusiasts. For good reason, no one seemed able to identify its provenance at the time.



We owe the discovery to the most prominent media in the sector, Hodinkee. After several hours of intensive research trying to improve the quality of the phototaken to audit it, the media recognized some significant details. Confirming the first assumptions, this rare timepiece therefore turns out to be a hybrid between a Cintrée Curvex case from Swiss house Franck Muller, all mounted on a precious Cuban link from Chrome Hearts. An astonishing special order which rekindles the already growing interest in this unique Manufacture with graphic figures.