A beautiful combination of exercises from four disciplines.

Elga Trad



A beautiful combination of exercises from four disciplines: yoga, pilates, dance and circus art, Aerial yoga is a fitness discipline that's becoming more and more popular. A fun way to tone the entire body, strengthen the muscles and regenerate your mind, with your head upside down in a thick hammock.
The rules of Aerial Yoga
First of all, you have to overcome all your fears: that of heights (you are less than a meter away from the ground), to swing (you will not get dizzy) and humiliation (it's more fun than embarrassing). Aerial yoga demands a series of postures, exercises and contortions while hanging form a strong fabric attached on the ceiling with harness and ropes, it will be necessary therefore to urge the arms in depth. This discipline is based on weightlessness and suspension to develop strength, balance and flexibility by using the body as a major working tool; The latter will then free himself of his weight, which will allow him to perform several movements in all lightness, all in a fun and joyful atmosphere.

The benefits of fitness
- It lets the muscles work in depth, therefore increases physical strength and muscle toning.
- Improves flexibility.
- Dynamizes the balance.
- Develops endurance.
- Increases tonicity.
- Strengthens the joints.
- Helps fight cellulite.

How to do it?
It's a discipline that's accessible to everyone. The course lasts an average of 60 minutes. The work, which focuses on breathing and postural correction, is done on the ground, then using the hammock, we hoist, we rock, we put our head upside down and our feet in the air. Several external elements can be added to the course, such as elastics, weights... several classes of different levels are available, depending on the physical condition and abilities of each person.

What to wear
This discipline is practiced barefoot, in leggings and a tight-fitted t-shirt with short sleeves. No bra, otherwise you will have burns due to the friction of the fabric under the armpits. Avoid makeup and jewelry to avoid dirtying and/or tearing the hammock.

Where to practice Aerial Yoga
U Energy, downtown, Beirut, Tel: 01 999 722/33
Mama Urth, Mtayleb, Tel: 81 788 597
Fit2fly, Kaslik, Tel: 76 776 343

Beware of injuries. You must respect the coach's instructions and warm up before each session.