The Perfect Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days

Justine Feutry - Madame Figaro


The Perfect Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days

As the weather starts getting hotter and with the temperatures rising, your hair goes crazy, and you are in desperate need of a good solution for all the humidity-induced frizz. If you grew your hair this winter and loved the lengths, you might feel the urge to chop it all in summer as you find it difficult to deal with.

While pixie cuts and hair off the back of your next are the perfect summer match, we have less radical solutions for you. 

Indeed, when you don’t want to cut your hair and prefer longer locks, you can go for some fresh hairstyles and accessories that’ll help you cool down. And if you’ve already chosen the minimal yet trendy Cord Knot bun, you can also try some practical yet simple hairstyles. 


A simple but effective bun

Starting with the very classic bun, as it has always been your best friend during hot summer days. What you should take good care of, it’s the volume: do not go for the huge bun for your locks to stay up there. 


Banana Bun


The banana version is also reborn from its ashes in a more relaxed style thanks to the alligator clip which is making a comeback. You can even opt for the simple raised and twisted tail, the effect will still be there and everything takes less than five minutes. Also perfect after swimming, to sunbathe at the beach.








The alternatives?

The braid and the ponytail also are fresh and easy summer hairstyles. The ponytail is made more rigorous to discipline the hair as the braid gains height starting from the top of the head.




A "90's" touch

It's hard to deny the influence of the 1990s on hairstyle trends. The mini macaroons, already adopted by Jennifer Lopez or Chiara Ferragni, clear the shoulders by bringing in particular a touch of originality.

Just like the small barrettes, perfect for taming baby hair, both on short hairstyles and on long locks.