4 Plus-size Arab Influencers to Follow

Farah Fala


4 Plus-size Arab Influencers to Follow

Over the last few years, the body positivity movement that started in 2012 has shifted and evolved to become a celebration of self-love and of bodies of all sizes. Plus-size influencers from around have been proving that fashion is really for all, and among them some powerful Arab influencers. These gorgeous curvy women are taking Instagram by storm, not only sharing inspirational looks, but also shining a light on self-love. Read on to discover our favorite 4 plus-size Arab influencers to follow. Forget about feeling left-out ever again, give these women a follow and you’ll have style inspo every day.


Ameni Esseibi

The Tunisian Dubai-based influencer Ameni Esseibi is the first curvy model in the Middle East and North Africa. From outfits to swimsuits, she eradicated all fashion stereotypes who limited modeling to skinny bodies only. She varies her styles between casual comfortable clothes and chic gowns. We love her look wearing a neon yellow dress as it exudes beauty and charm.




Nadia Aboulhosn

She is an American-based blogger and fashion designer for several brands like Lord & Taylor. She is also an advocate of the positive body image who started her blogging experience at the age of 22. From magazine covers to runways in Fashion Weeks, she added a classy stamp to the plus-size modeling concepts. As for her style, she opts for trendy ideas like this look where she paired a brown dress from Selkie with black boots.




Ghaliah Amin

She is the first Saudi Arabian model to enter the world of plus-size modeling. She is also a firm believer that diversity is a key principle even in the fashion industry. Her style greatly reflects all other Arab women who feel underrepresented and seek to break the boundaries of size when it comes to modeling. Ghaliah Amin constantly shares inspirational ideas with her followers on Instagram like this look where she wore and black midi dress with nude shoes.




Sarah Aziz

She is a Malaysian-based plus-size influencer who proved herself as a stylish modest hijabi woman. Long skirts seem to be her favorite, though she varies her outfits between pants and dresses too. Scrolling through her Instagram blog, you will sure notice she blends colors in a creative manner and most settings for her photoshoots are natural. We love how she paired this black hoodie with beige croped pants and boots.