5 Best Bridal Shoes For Summer 2021

Farah Fala


5 Best Bridal Shoes For Summer 2021

While most of the bride’s and the guests’ attention goes to the dress, wedding shoes are equally (if not more) important. They have to be both fabulous and comfortable, which is not always easy to find. We have rounded up 5 best bridal shoes for this season, and four of them are from our favorite Arab designers. Read on to discover your favorite style, and choose the designer wedding shoes that will be perfect for your big day, and that you will also want to wear again.


Bridal Shoes with Metallic Detailing

This pearl-white bridal shoes with pastel hues from the Lebanese designer Maya Lakis’ collection is the perfect choice for your special day. the metallic detailing reflects a high degree of creativity. It also goes well with almost any fabric from taffeta to organza.




Pearl-adorned Bridal Shoes

This pearl-adorned platform from Jimmy Choo is your ultimate choice for a comfy yet stylish wedding day look. The design features an elegantly crafted sandals with high heels and V-cut peep toe. Stylish and sophisticated, these shoes will sure elevate the bridal look.




Bridal Shoes with Graphical Detailing

Celebrity-approved Lebanese footwear designer Andrea Wazen always makes sure that the women who wear her shoes feel confident and powerful. From colorful mules to bridal footwear, every item in her collection is made for bold and confident women. These Denver Tabaris pumps feature a pointed design with graphical detailing inspired from traditional home windows in Beirut. The anklet strap also adds a special touch of chic. It is one of the regal styles for today’s bride-to-be.     



Flat Bridal Shoes

Besides high heels, the collection of the British designer of Lebanese origins Jennifer Chamandi includes flat footwear. These bridal shoes made from genuine Italian leather are perfect for an outdoor wedding setting like a garden or by the pool. The heels won’t get stuck into the grass, so you will more comfortable while dancing the night away at the reception.




Bridal Shoes with Chain Detailing  

These showstopping stilettos are from the latest collection of Jordanian-Romanian designer Amina Muaddi. The chain detailing in these shoes adds luxe and sophistication to the bride’s look. You can also pair them with anklets for a fashion statement.