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Amina Muaddi Teases Latest Collection With Three Designs

Instagram is on fire with her reveals
By Christina Jaber
08 Apr,2021

Whenever you hear “Amina Muaddi”, you just imagine the flared heels, a signature design for the renowned young designer. 

Born to a Jordanian father and Romanian mother, the Paris-based designer managed to keep her namesake brand Amina Muaddi on the top. Despite the pandemic situation and the global crisis along with the rendered red carpet events and non-existent galas, her collections somehow always sell out the minute they are released. All this and we still did not mention the A-list celebrities who choose Amina Muaddi’s bold footwear over any other brand, including Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and more.


Kendall Jenner wearing Amina Muaddi

Kendall Jenner


Rihanna in Amina Muaddi wearing Amina Muaddi



Rosie huntington whiteley in Amina Muaddi wearing Amina Muaddi

 Rosie Huntington Whiteley



If you’re still not feeling the excitement about the brand’s new SS21 collection, then the 33-year-old shoe designer is on Instagram to give you hints on the new releases, and so far, she definitely hyped us and took in a creative trip, where A-list influencers “can’t wait” to put their hands on the designs.

In details, the 33-year-old designer took to Instagram to tease her 800 K followers, as she shared 3 pictures of 3 different designs from the collection.

The first is a croc-embossed wedge mules in lime green, and she captioned it with an avocado emoji.



The second is Robyn, a PVC strips sandal with shiny stoned buckles and the signature flared heels.



As for the third and most recent, she shared with her followers the Lunare, a flat and thick heel with strips that wrap around the leg until the knee, in zebra print. A sandal definitely opening a new style for the brand.



The second Amina Muaddi dropped the pictures, influencers from all over the world fell in love with the designs and expressed their hype through their comments, including entrepreneur and stylist Pernille Teisbaek, fashion and beauty influencer Rania Fawaz, the German Fashion blogger and model Caroline Daur and more.

Yes, we know, you’re excited too but we all have to wait until the 21st of May until the collection is revealed, or else we can just live in Amina Muaddi’s Instagram account and wait for the next teaser.




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