5 Healthy Ways to Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Tons Of Water

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5 Healthy Ways to Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Tons Of Water

As temperatures continue to spike across the Middle East and the GCC, with record highs reported every week, it’s important to stay hydrated. But if you can’t stick to the “make sure you’re drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day" rule, or if you just don’t like the taste of water, there are some alternative ways to keep hydrated that don’t involve drinking water. Here are 5 of them.


 “Normally, our body needs about 2.5 to 3 liters of water to compensate for the water losses associated with perspiration and urine. Our diet will provide about 1.5 liters, and the remaining 1.5 will be provided by liquids. But in hot weather, this water requirement rises to 2 liters, ”explains French physician-nutritionist Laurence Plumey. These 2 liters of water, or more than a large bottle, can seem like a lot, especially if you're used to waiting until your mouth is dry to hydrate yourself. "If you're thirsty, it's because you're already dehydrated, so when it's hot you shouldn't wait until you feel thirsty but drink a little regularly," said Laurence Plumey. So always have a bottle of water handy when you are at home or in the office. When you go out, take your bottle in your bag. "You can also choose special times to drink water, in the morning when you wake up with a lemon juice, at least two glasses with each meal. This is already 1 liter of water. For the next half liter, you can vary. ”recommends the doctor. And here is how.



"In the morning, you can drink the fresh juice of a squeezed orange, which will provide you with 80% of your vitamin C needs," adds the doctor. Fresh fruit juice contains no sugars other than those found in the fruit. However, avoid all sugary drinks like sodas, sugary flavored waters or fruit drinks, which can contain the equivalent of 5 pieces of sugar for a can.


Tea rather than coffee

During the day, don't rely on your three cups of coffee to keep you hydrated. "A coffee represents only 50 ml of water", emphasizes Laurence Plumey. It’s better to opt for tea during your breaks during the day, as your mug contains more water than your regular espresso.




Pack your plate with vegetables

When it's too hot outside, it’s better to have a salad for lunch rather than a steak with fries. So much the better, because vegetables are naturally rich in water and will provide you with a good part of your water needs. "Lettuce greens contain 95% water, so they will give you a hydrating boost," recommends the specialist.


Eats fruits

Fruits, especially those rich in water, such as watermelon, melon or peaches are the healthful choice of snack during the hot summer months. Watermelon, for example, is mostly water - about 92 percent – hence its name, and this refreshing fruit is soaked with essential nutrients when you are out in hot weather, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.


Stay cool

When the weather is hot, the body will sweat more and can quickly become dehydrated. “You can limit water loss by cooling off with a wet wipe on your forehead, avoiding the sun in the middle of the day and staying in the shade," says Laurence Plumey.