Lebanese Celebrity Hairstylist Wassim Morkos From Pace e Luce On Fall 2021 Hair Trends

Christina Jaber


Lebanese Celebrity Hairstylist Wassim Morkos From Pace e Luce On Fall 2021 Hair Trends

Wassim Morkos, celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of Pace e Luce, the renowned Lebanese salon with beauty professionals from all around the Middle East answered all our questions on hair trends, and gave us some must-have tips. 

While we are still in the summer/vacation/holiday mood and not willing to get it out of our systems anytime soon, fall is just around the corner and will hit us right before we even know it. 

Since we love to be prepared ahead of time, we had the curiosity to know more about the latest trends we are going to see (and maybe opt for) during the cooler season and about the hair care routine we will be switching to. And who else can give us the sharply correct answers other than the one and only Lebanese celebrity hairstylist Wassim Morkos from Pace e Luce? He answered all our team’s questions and blessed us with some hero tips. 


What are the newest hair colors and hairstyles trends for Fall 2021?

There are a lot of new trends for Fall 2021 that we already started noticing around the world. When it comes to hair colors I can think of Hazelnut-Brown, ash brown and Fall Ombre. And of course a trend that will surely not disappear soon is the blended effect between the colors. 

As for hairstyles, I can’t but think of Farah Fawcett’s famous long feathered hairstyle from the ‘70s or as it’s called the “chandelier layers”. I have to mention Cindy Crawford’s 90’s voluminous blow dry.





What trend are you most looking forward to going away?

Well, with each season come different trends, as for me i think that every trend has its own public, every trend corresponds to a different face shape and a different skin tone. So I wouldn’t want any hair trend to go away.


Where do you get your own creative ideas from?

Every season I wait impatiently for the big designers collections. Hair and clothes go together. I create new hairstyle trends by finding the perfect match between the newest designers collections and the hairstyles to form the best looks. A way to staying up to date is also by attending yearly major seminars to get inspired. Creativity is most importantly a personal effort, it’s my own way of innovating. 




What is the biggest challenge when styling celebrities’ hair?

When you work with celebrities, every detail matters. Their looks (from hair to accessories) are an important part of their image. People notice every detail.


Who is your ultimate hair icon and why?

If I had to choose someone it would certainly be Alexandre de Paris (maître coiffeur), a French icon in the hairstyling world, He worked for over 40 years with the masters of French Haute Couture, like Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Christian Dior, and others. He became a well-known symbol of French elegance.




If you could choose, which celebrity would you like to create a new style for?

I have a lot of celebrities in mind and Jennifer Lopez is one of them. Over the years she changed a lot her hair and I would love to create a style just for her. 


What is your #1 hair care tip?

Use the right products! A healthy and shiny hair is a hair that’s regularly nourished with the right care and styling products, so always ask your hairdresser’s for advice.




What’s one hair product you can’t live without?

I definitely can’t chose one hair product only. Every hair need requires a different product to treat it perfectly.


Will you be launching your own haircare line in the near future?

Sure! It is on my to-do list.