5 of Jennifer Lopez Beauty Secrets For That Perfect Glow

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5 of Jennifer Lopez Beauty Secrets For That Perfect Glow

If there is one star we can’t stop admiring her ageless beauty it's Jennifer Lopez.
The singer who launched her beauty brand JLo Beauty last January, is, at 52, her best brand ambassador. Its slogan is: "Beauty has no expiration date". 
JLo has revealed some of her beauty secrets, so keep scrolling and find out all about them. 

A strict beauty routine
The singer obviously relies on the products of her range. She multiplies the videos on Instagram where she reveals the steps of her daily routine to
obtain the famous "JLo Glow", promoting her products.


Morning and evening, she begins by getting rid of impurities with a cleansing gel, an essential step when wearing makeup every day. The she applies a serum that she describes as “bottled glow”, an eye contour, a moisturizer and above all, a sunscreen.

Olive oil and grapefruit
Among her beauty tips, we also find olive oil. “My mother used to say that olive oil was the cure for everything. And it's a beauty secret that I have kept over the years because it really works” she said to Elle US.

Her JLo Beauty Glow Serum is therefore enriched with an olive oil complex. As for grapefruit essential oil, she doesn’t drink it, she just sniffs it for 15 minutes a day to cut down on her cravings. And she says that it also helps with water retention.

A good night’s sleep

“I like a good nine or ten hours night, but I can never sleep that much. So seven or eight hours of sleep is a mandatory minimum. If I don't have them, I won’t feel good, I start to go crazy, I get emotional and I feel tired all the time, ”she told US Weekly in January 2016.


Regular workout
We know Jennifer Lopez is addicted to workout. She practices fitness and workout exercises with two coaches. So, Hello magazine reports that when she is in New York, she trains with David Kirsch and when she stays in Los Angeles, she exercises with the famous Tracy Anderson, who counts Gwyneth Paltrow or Victoria Beckham among her followers.

A healthy lifestyle

In an interview with InStyle magazine in June 2016, Ben Affleck’s girl assured that she followed a balanced diet consisting of green vegetables and fish and that she "did not smoke, nor did she drink alcohol or coffee".