5 Ways to Tie a Sweater Like a Street Style Star

Christina Jaber


5 Ways to Tie a Sweater Like a Street Style Star

We know the traditional way of wearing a sweater: you just wear it! However, fashion’s it-girls want the sweater tied and worn spontaneously and effortlessly, so each of them had her own take on how to wear your knit sweater “tied”.

Meet the 5 stylish ways to wear a sweater just like a street style queen. 


Chunky scarf

All you need is a regular tank top and your chunkiest sweater. Tie the sleeves around your chest and lay the rest on your back, just like Danish stylist and fashion influencer Penille Teisbaek. 



Throw it effortlessly 

This look by the Danish fashion influencer and stylist Emili Sindlev proves that a knit sweater can top any other piece no matter what. Layer it over you oversized denim jacket and you’re ready to go. 



The cozy wrap

This way of wearing the knit sweater is only perfected when you turn your regular coat into a turtleneck coat and you tie the sleeves of the sweater all around the neck. Yes you heard that right: the knit sweater can top a whole coat and fashion guru and photographer Anastazia Fedoseeva approves. 



The accross-cool

German model and street style queen Caroline Daur aka Carodaur is well-known for her cool yet pulled-up style. She wore a midi knit dress and topped it with a thin sweater placed on just one shoulder and tied under the other.



Around the waist

And here’s the nineties way of wearing the knit sweater: Tie it around your waist and let it flow from there in a very casual way just like the London-based entrepreneur, model and fashion influencer Claire Rose.