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Color-Changing Unicorn Skin Boots Now Exist

Thank you Louboutin!


Color-Changing Unicorn Skin Boots Now Exist

The unicorn trend has become the talk of the town: unicorn hair dye, unicorn smoothies, unicorn ice cream… and most recently, unicorn boots. But it’s not what you think…
When we first heard the name, what came to our minds was a splash of rainbow colors and sparkles everywhere – which is not something we would wear – but when we were told that Christian Louboutin is the one who designed them, we just had to take a look. And they turned out to be pretty mesmerizing! There are no blinding flashy shades, but rather a metallic sequined silver gloom that smoothly changes colors with the brush of your hand.
We still don’t know about the price of this new creation, but we’ll keep you updated!