The Secret of Young Skin with Matis

Les Signatures

Rita Khoueiry


The Secret of Young Skin with Matis

If you’re searching for products that will make your skin look younger and smoother, then Les Signatures from Matis is all you need. Matis Cell Expert and Matis Cell Skin will provide you a youth boosting care thanks to the rose stem cells. You can definitely say goodbye to cellulite and sluggish skin and hello to smooth and bright skin.

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Matis Cell Expert

Universal Cellular Protection Serum.

Cell Expert is the Signature serum of the brand. It is created with a fine and light texture that will quickly delivers all the benefits of the active ingredients to your skin. This serum allows to protect the capital of the cutaneous stem cells, at the origin of the auto-regeneration of the skin.

Matis Cell Skin

Universal cream, protecting the youth capital; Cell Skin is the perfect choice to fight aging signs.

Two other active ingredients generously complete the formula, and allow to blur and smooth wrinkles, as well as to reinforce the skin's elasticity, by stimulating collagen synthesis. The complexion is rapidly oxygenated, the skin becomes firmer and wrinkles fade. Your skin will definitely become more beautiful day after day.