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5 Diet Tips To Ditch Now If You Want To Lose Weight

By Emma Beziaud Le Pochat - Madame Figaro
25 Oct,2021

You’ve probably heard or read these diet myths many times: “This food supplement is magical”, “I lost 5 Kgs in a week” and more of these sentences that can be often very tempting but that can also cause serious health problems.

Two nutrition professionals enlighten us on what’s dangerous out there and the hacks we should always avoid.

Social media and some nutrition websites are full of tips to lose weight in no time but that will actually make you feel weak and exhausted, so it’s time to set things straight and give you all the info you need for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips you should never follow if you really want to lose weight and still have good energy.


Drink lemon juice to lose weight

French nutritionist Laurence Plumey’s answer is simple and clear: "this fruit has no known slimming value". As a citrus fruit, lemon is only an important source of vitamin C, nothing more. Its slimming reputation comes because of the acidifying role of lemon. We can imagine the latter conquering the stomach and helping in food elimination. But “we must not confuse the acidity present in the mouth and that of the body,” explains Dimitri Jacques, psycho-nutritionist. “Lemon may be acidic, it becomes alkaline once ingested”. In fact, it doesn't activate your stomach in the morning any more than any other drink, and pairing it with lukewarm water doesn't particularly activate your digestive system. A big blow for those who love detox recipes.


Avoid starchy foods in the evening so as not to gain weight

“Eating carbs in the evening is neither harmful nor a weight gain factor, it’s better to eat it in small quantities and add vegetables” says Laurence Plumey. According to the doctor “at dinner, you should especially avoid dishes with sauce as well as sweet desserts. Excess fat and sugar turn to fat overnight because we sleep and don't burn calories. So, it’s better to eat proteins with some vegetables, bread, dairy products and fruit - and that is enough”.

This “myth” as Dimitri Jacques calls it, is above all a source of frustration for the lovers of Sunday’s evening pasta. Be careful though, dinner must remain light for simple physiological reasons: when you sleep, you don't consume energy and you tend to keep the calories from the last meal tasted. So if you’re having dinner after 7 p.m., it’s better to keep it light.


Liquid diets are the best to lose weight

And in particular the famous cabbage soup diet. This weight loss diet can actually be very dangerous. In addition to not being balanced (almost no protein intake), Laurence Plumey emphasizes “that we lose weight very badly and in bad conditions during a restrictive and unbalanced diet. We multiply the deficiencies, we lose as much muscle as fat and we change our metabolisms. We are getting ready to do the "weight yoyo". In fact, most diets make you gain weight over the long term".

By ingesting only liquids, the body will use muscle rather than fat in order to function. "These changes are dangerous for the metabolism; they can be a factor of obesity". To lose weight, it is better to refer to a professional in order to benefit from monitoring and dietary rebalancing, as well as sports sessions. A path that certainly requires more patience, but which will sustainably meet your expectations.


Swallow a teaspoon of vinegar to aid digestion

If it seems harmless, this tip can nevertheless upset the fragile intestinal flora. While not all vinegars are created equal, most of them have too much acid that can be the open door to bloating and pain. To ensure good digestion, we "take the time to chew and keep food in the mouth", recommends Dimitri Jacques. The specialist also teaches many of his patients to reconnect with food and regain healthy food hygiene, through chewing. "We too often forget to savor food and yet it is very important," he adds.


Take food supplements to avoid hair loss and fatigue

Rather than rushing on these so-called miracle pills, you should try to question your daily relationship with food. Getting closer to a balanced diet can help compensate any deficiencies. Dimitri Jacques recommends “not to take supplements in a blind way”. “Few people take the time to eat a balanced diet today, yet it is the best way to stay healthy. It can be easy, tasty and quickly ready. It's within everyone's reach” says Laurence Plumey.


Ultimately, no surprise: miracle tips and hacks do not exist, especially when it comes to needs as vital as food. We recommend a visit to a health professional so that he/she can define the best diet according to your body weight and lifestyle.