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This TikTok Hack Is Your Game Changing Method To Apply Mascara

By Julia Mokdad - Madame Figaro
18 Oct,2021

TikTok has been a generous platform when it comes to beauty trends and hacks, from the lipstick on the cheeks (lipstick blush technique) on to the rice hair technique and more, the app is back with another video gone viral, and this time it’s about applying mascara right.

Yep, apparently we’ve been applying mascara the wrong way, so keep scrolling for the easiest mascara hack that will give you these huge, full lashes you’ve been coveting.

Covid-19 and the mandatory face mask that came with it made the eyes the center of attention and mascara the tool to make them more attractive.

On TikTok, the favorite platform of Generation Z and the breeding ground for new trends, makeup artist @makeupbylxna recently posted a short video in which she shared her method for applying mascara, and trust us, it’s mind blowing and it’s going to make you rethink everything you thought you knew.  


The "Zick Zack" Mascara Method

According to the TikTok girl, instead of stretching the lashes upwards, you should actually apply the mascara in a zig-zag manner. Nothing revolutionary so far because this trick has been used by makeup artists for many years. But here is the trick: pull your skin stretched at the outer corner of your eyes, hold your mascara wand vertically, then zig-zag the brush from side to side across your lashes to coat each lash.

And guess what, you don’t need to kiss the traditional way from your lashes’ roots up goodbye, because it still is the second and last step of the tutorial. All you have to do is remove the small spots here and there. Results? The quick and easy trick offers XXL eyelashes both in length and in volume.