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Emilia Clarke’s Opinion on Beauty Injections and Her Approach to Aging

By Justine Feutry - Madame Figaro
07 May,2021

Game of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke opened up about the pressure she went through since she started her career when it comes to beauty injections.


Game of Thrones - Emilia Clarke


Staying youthful and erasing the traces of aging is an issue that is still weighing on women, especially on actresses. 

The myth of “eternal youth” still runs through Hollywood. It always seems to impose itself as quest demanded from each actress and they have to fulfill it. In an interview with Elle US, Emilia Clarke recounts that injections were discussed with her long before she turned 30. “I had seen a facialist who recommended that I do injections. I showed him the door and I simply told him: "Get out!" and I was 28 at the time”.

The Game of Thrones beautiful actress then confirms that she feels really pressured to do something about her aging signs. Especially because she hears her "colleagues" resorting to different methods, which pushes her to question herself. But for her, it is not compatible with what it is expected of her in her job. “I work in an industry where my face has to move, where I have to be expressive. So doing injections is not an option for me”.

The actress explains that these interventions give a strange vibe but confirms also that she is not totally rejecting the whole idea: "I am not saying that I will never do it, I allow myself the possibility of changing my mind on it". She also tackles the subject of cosmetic surgery, which is not possible for her. "If my job tells me that I have to do more than Botox after 45 years, then I will have to stop this job."


Emilia Clarke and Beauty Injections


The interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen also shared her thoughts on the weight of age in an industry that favors youth, especially when it comes to women. “You get the idea of ​​getting old and you get the idea of ​​what getting old makes you look like. I am 34 years old, I am wiser, smarter, I have more experience, I have done all of this work and I am proud of it. We can only have done all this because we have lived to this age. Time is the only thing that allows us to accomplish all of these things. So if my face reflects the time I have spent on this earth, then I’m definitely praising it”.

And the actress continues by evoking her role models when it comes to beauty: “My mother has never done anything in particular in her face and she is incredibly beautiful. I look at all these actresses and actors who are older than me and who are damn beautiful. And I tell myself that what our skin tells us as we age is a form of elegance. I imagine them saying "Shhh, you're not yet old enough to talk about it"; but I already have wrinkles on my forehead”. 

Apparently, the fact that Emilia Clarke isn’t injecting anything in her face any time soon, did not stop the fast-moving pace of her career. Instead, the 34-year old actress is in final negotiations to join Marvel Studios “Secret Invasion”, the hot original series quickly coming together at Disney Plus really soon.