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Winged Eyeliner: Black Vs. Colored Styles

By Farah Fala
09 Jun,2021

When winged eyeliner first became popular few years ago, black was the color trend for most makeup artists and beauty experts. Today, as new methods and concepts pervaded the makeup world, the colored winged eyeliner has been an attraction for celebrities, fashion bloggers and influencers, as well as makeup fans all over the world. Let’s compare the black winged eyeliner and the colored winged eye makeup styles.


Black Winged Eyeliner

With its thin or thick flick, the winged eyeliner is a unique makeup trend. It gives a dramatic look, though it requires a steady hand to draw the perfect line. On the upper eyelid just above your lashes, move the eyeliner smoothly from the inner corner of your eye extending it to the outer one, and end it with a flick. After several tries, sure you will master drawing this eyeliner style. A thin flick usually highlights simplicity, whereas the thick wing gives a bolder and fiercer impression.




Burgundy Winged Eyeliner

Vibrant burgundy is your ultimate choice when you want to spice things up and go for another option than the classic black eyeliner. It is seamlessly perfect for green eyes, as it creates some contrast and better highlights the green eye color.




Purple Winged Eyeliner

Perfect for brown-colored eyes. The purple color is a royal hue that will brighten up your gaze and show off the beauty of your eye color. You can choose a light or a dark shade of purple based on your preferences.




Dark Green Winged Eyeliner

Suitable for green, blue-green, or even black eyes. Dark green will elevate your eye makeup. A thick flick gives a more confident expression and a sense of style.




Duo Winged Eyeliner

Literally an eye-catching style. It works well with black and white color options or with black and burgundy duo.




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