5 Must-Have Items

Ready to go shopping?
By Helena Saadeh
10 Oct,2019

Velvet Pants

Denim is cool, but velvet is cooler! Not anyone can pull off this look. Usually, velvet pants are better colored, such as beige or burgundy. Match them with statement earrings and you’re all set.

Colored bags

For an extra impression, stand out from the crowd with a triple colored bag. The strap, the body, and the top parts, why make them all monochrome? Live life to the fullest and make it colorful. 

Red boots

Winter weather calls for red boots. These will boost your confidence and make all eyes on you(r boots). It is a statement item and you cannot go wrong buying this.

Running shoes

Comfy is the new trend. You will look most beautiful when you feel comfortable. But who said fashion and comfort do not match?

Flower dress

Desperate weather calls for a dash of hope. Your floral dress will be the talk of the town this season.