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How to Wear the Jungle Print the Right Way?

Travel to the tropical islands through your style
By Hanane Tabet
25 May,2020

There is no need to go on a plane to enjoy the nature of tropical jungle, as fashion is doing us a favor this summer, of creating different pieces with the jungle print, in order to transfer the tropical vibes easily.

If you are a nature lover, give the tropical jungle print the opportunity to reflect your spontaneous and playful personality. Also, don’t forget to add 2 main elements to your summer looks: the comfy and the elegant. Note that many celebrities wore the stylish summer-ish tropical jungle through their casual looks, such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Al Anoud Badr, Sofia Vergara. Now, it is your turn to show your savage side through the tropical jungle print for your summer outfits.


How to wear the jungle print like a pro?


Printed Set From Head to Toe

A matching set with this print is simply the best thing you can do when trying to create an outstanding tropical look. For instance. You can choose a matching jungle print shirt with pants, just like JLo who wore Versace’s jungle print from head to toe, paired the look with white sneakers and a black cross bag. Selena Gomez opted for another pattern of the jungle print, and also wore it from head to toe with halter neck blouse and a matching pants with a thin waist belt and a different handbag pattern.



Jennifer Lopez


versace jacket

VERSACE Oversized printed denim jacket


versace skirt

VERSACE Printed denim mini- kirt




Printed dress

Jungle print is perfect for long beachy flare dresses as well. It would give you an elegant yet comfy summer look, especially during hot summer days. Choose a tropical jungle print dress, which may be designed with a side slit with puffed shoulders just like Al Anoud Badr’s dress or even in a play suit design. Pair the tropical dress with raffia accessories/shoes or earthy and neutral colors.



dolce and gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana









Printed Layers

Use this nature-inspired print to add a tropical twist to a monochrome or denim look for example. For example, go for a kimono or a lightweight jacket to top your neutral-colored look. You can also wear it as a cover-up for your swimsuit.





melissa odabash

Melissa Odabash






One Piece at a Time

Is it the shirt? The pants? Skirt? Shorts? The bag, shoe or scarf? Choose one jungle-printed piece in your outfit, and style the look based on it. Try to style it with colors that contrast with the jungle pattern. Note that other wild print go easily with the jungle print like leopard, zebra prints.

Printed accessories like bags, headbands, scarfs… can also be added t for a slightly pop of color element in your look.


jungle culottes

Tropical print culottes


Palm Print Skort

Palm Print Skort – Southern Curls & Pearls