Outfits Trending in 2019

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By Helena Saadeh
27 Jan,2019

It’s time to set your shopping list straight for the next season. Spring 2019 is getting closer each day and this is why we have for you the ultimate list to guide your purchases in the fashion industry.

Vibrant Yellow

Carolina Herrera

Plain yet royal, the silky texture and the wide sleeves give this Caroline Herrera design an iconic and gracious look.

Oscar De La Renta

We can feel the summer breeze as we look at De La Renta’s design. Sexy and classy, we love how the designer balanced between the shoulder on one side and the earring on the other.

Many Patterns


The contrast between the upper shirt and the black skirt sealed the deal. Balenciaga is screaming fashion all over the runway outfits.


With the many patterns sewed together, Loewe managed to create a very stylish outfit, consistent and bold. The key is to balance patterns with accessories.

Bike Shorts


The most comfortable trend hit the runway again and Chanel made sure to level it up. Check out this look from Chanel’s Spring 2019 collection and go to your closest brand store!


Adding sassy to classy, Fendi made a whole different statement with the bike short. Looking fierce and empowered, this is the outfit you should be starting the new season with.