Shopping Hacks for Zara

Insiders’ points of view
By Helena Saadeh
05 Feb,2019

When To shop

The key about shopping in general in to know when to shop. Mondays and Thursdays at Zara’s are the most preferable shopping days since they probably drop new lines and outfits. In addition, you should wait for their sales and discounts because it will be useful for you on the long run.

Exclusive Collection

Everyone loves Zara, and this is pretty much why everyone seems to be wearing matching outfits and styles, right? We got a tip for you, in every shop there is the exclusive collection which will have less items than the rest, go do your haunt and pick up some outfits from there.

Most Popular pieces

You do not need to wait on Instagram to see what the bloggers are wearing to know what’s trending! On their website, Zara has a section entitled “Trending Now” which will show you what out and about in fashion. Sometimes, you have to step out of the line and try something new.