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How to wear the corset trend this fall

Romanticism and empowerment
By Christina Jaber
15 Sep,2020

An essential piece in every woman’s closet from the 1500s till the beginning of the 20th century, the corset has a controversial and rich history within the fashion industry. While it is no longer an everyday item, today it has become a statement piece that allows you to create a very unique modern style, while enhancing the silhouette. Spotted on the Fall 2020 runways and on the streets, the corset is making a stylish comeback, adding both drama and femininity to the outfit.



Kendall Jenner



Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber


On the runways

During Fall/Winter 2020 fashion shows, designers from McQueen to Mugler to Chloé and Dion Lee showed us their own modern version of the corset, proving how versatile, elegant, and sexy this item can be.




Over the shirt

The corset has always given a modern twist to a look, especially when coordinating it over a classic shirt or shirtdress. Often, the shirt comes in white to be accompanied by a small or large corset that will totally rock the outfit.








Power suit

The masculine suit is complemented by a sexy corset worn by itself or over a top, adding a very feminine and elegant touch to the outfit.




Bella Hadid



Thierry Mugler



Subversive sensuality

Think: Femme Fatale, fierce, empowered yet feminine. The corset as evening outerwear gives a sultry edge to the silhouette and is all about sophistication and mystery, while being sexy and trendy at the same time. You will definitely have all the heads turning.



Fendi Fall 2020



Oscar de la Renta Fall 2020