Stéphanie Saliba

By Janine Ayoub
18 Oct,2018

Genuine  and instinctive, on the screen as well as in real life, always looking for challenges to overcome, the young actress embarks on a new role, a double challenge in her new series, "Karma”.

With her sparkling and engaging personality, her dreamy silhouette and her Barbie waist, she created her own style. Her hair, platinum blonde or pink peach, juggles with her mood.

For our photoshoot, it will be a classy brown, which reflects her amazing professionalism without overshadowing her playful personality. She mentions her addiction to shopping without shame. More than 500,000 followers on her Instagram account follow each of her looks.

"Celebrity is easy to live with when you don’t take yourself too seriously," she admits. "Be simple! She says". This is her motto. Famous or not. Do not rack your brain. Live your passion to the end. Beyond the limits. Limits that she would sometimes like to restore. "I'm an incurable shopaholic," she admits.

The fashion victim admits never being satisfied by her dressing room - which now occupies several rooms of the house. "Studies show that impulsive shopping hides a certain lack". Behind this world of diva and glam, there’s a young professional woman. "Between two shootings, I allow myself to shop for a few things ... a lot of things ... just to fill the lack of social life caused by my hectic schedule."

The actress who shined in Amar, embarks on a new adventure, Karma. The title is related to the Indian thought and religion that men's lives depend on their past deeds. Stephanie believes in Karma. "You reap what you sow in life," she admits cheerfully. "What goes around comes around".

*Full interview available in our October 2018 issue