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The best Arab Podcasts to listen to

By Christina Jaber
19 Jan,2021

Podcasts have been the center of attention lately, not just because of the entertainment they offer, but for the boldness and daring topics they cover and we are in love with this fearless vibe.

While we had some podcasts in mind, we’ve done the research and brought you some of the best podcasts from the Arab world that you’ll enjoy listening to.




Arab-American psycho

Palestinian-American Noor El Khaldi hosts this youthful weekly podcast. It explores topics ranging from relationships, pop culture, to beauty. She usually shares a conversation with a cool guest and can occasionally have a solo episode.






2 women, 1 city. It’s a revolutionary podcast that discusses issues relevant to the millennial, meme and generation Z audience. The two Dubai-based young women Maram El Hendy and Lana Makhzoumi deliver talks on relationships, gossips, love and much more.





The Dukkan Show

The Dukkan Show is a podcast that delivers a sonic experience, showcasing the great conversations friends have when they hang out at their respective Dukkan stoop. Dukkan means “small shop” in Arabic, and this podcast is inspired by the childhood of hosts OT, Reem and Akkaoui, as well as by the role of the Dukkan owner in every neighborhood.






An Arabic-only podcast which explores love in all its forms. It shares happy and nostalgic moments but sometimes takes you on a dramatic trip through heart-breaking stories from people in the Arab world.