Maison Mirath: A Message of Strength, Resilience and Hope!

07 Oct,2019

In collaboration with the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, Maison Mirath, a fine jewelry house based in the heart of Beirut in Ashrafieh, launched a breast cancer awareness campaign in October. A video that was shared on the social networks of the brand conveys a message of support, strength, hope, unity and resilience from five women survivors of breast cancer who continue to support other women in their battle.

Among the women who took part in this campaign: Mirna Hoballah, Laila Ajam, Rima Farhat, Nathalie Boueiry and Vilma Haddad.

In order to reach neighboring countries, the jewelry house has chosen to give 10% of its sales online ( during the month of October to the NGO.

"The true beauty of a woman comes from strength, resilience and hope.’’ -  Maison Mirath.