Psychological meanings behind your body language

Involuntary movements!
By Helena Saadeh
18 Mar,2019

The body has a special language that gives the ability to express thoughts, opinions and desires. There may be a lot of involuntary movements from the person, which are clear indicators that have many psychological meanings.

Moving the rings in the fingers: This indicates that the speech issued or heard, is source of some embarrassment and shame, which prompts the individual to hide his embarrassment by moving what is in his or her fingers. 

The movement of the bite of the lips: This movement, which is the closure of the mouth, that is to refrain from talking, means that we prevent ourselves by force to say anything like trying to swallow speech, and when this movement is usually permanent, in this case indicates the strong resistance to internal emotions felt and cannot express them. 

Raising hands to the head: Once the hand is raised to the level of the head, it means that the individual seeks to communicate with his own internal ideas in order to evoke and search for answers.

 Enclosure of the hands: When speaking, the handshake indicates the urgent desire to defend oneself and protect against any reactions that may disturb the other party. In another context, this movement may also indicate that the speaker is too shy and unable to control himself while addressing others. 

Place the hands in the pockets: The initiative to put the hands in the pockets during the talk indicates the existence of a clear position against the other party, in exchange for the urgent desire not to open it and disclose the facts and opinions.