The Fruit that Comes Straight from Hell

The most bizarre fruit in the world.
20 Jul,2017

The durian is a fruit that can be harvested in Southeast Asia as well as in the Pacific Islands and South America. It's a food that not only has a very odd shape, but also a disturbing, even unbearable odor... and be careful, this fruit is deadly!
Let's start with the shape of this exotic fruit. It looks like a pineapple with a spiny envelope. Inside is a kind of creamy yellowish pulp, sometimes red.
The smell, well... Let's just say it's nauseating. If one were to describe it, they would think of smelly socks paired with outdated cheese. Some even compare it to the smell of a decaying corpse. So you have to wear a medical mask or a nose pincher; we're not even exaggerating. Want more proof? Well, in Southeast Asia, durians are completely banned from hotels and travel agencies!
Despite its disruptive odor, the taste is quite pleasant. It's like almond cream, or rather a mixture of cheese, onion sauce, and wine... in short, we don't know the specific taste because it's so rich. But be careful, after the sweetness comes an intense aftertaste.
Did you know that you can overdose on durian? In fact, several deaths caused by the "fruit of the devil" are reported every year in Thailand and Indonesia. It mainly targets those who suffer from hypertension and pregnant women. And if we mix the durian with alcohol, then it would be even more dangerous. Researchers at Tsukuba University have discovered that durian, because of its high sulfur content, negates the effect of the enzyme ALDH responsible for protecting the liver from alcohol toxicity.
So dear readers, would you try the durian?