Haifa Wehbe’s Granddaughters in Bakiza & Zaghloul

The video reached more than 80K views!
By Hala Fayad
27 Apr,2020

Daniella and Rahaf, Haifa Wehbe’s granddaughters, showed up again on Instagram grabbing people’s attention with their funny videos. After doing the Pillow Dress challenge, Zainab Fayyad’s daughters dressed up this time in Bakiza and Zaghloul, the main characters of an Egyptian comedy TV series, starred by Essaad Younes and Suhair Al Babli.


Haifa Wehbe’s daughter shared videos and pictures of her kids wearing costumes with accessories to play Bakiza and Zaghloul characters and imitating them. Rahaf, the eldest daughter, performed a scene, acting as Madame Bakiza, ordering sushi from some restaurant. While the little one, Daniella, looked so cute while ordering chicken and dancing after it.

Zainab Fayyad commented on the video of her daughters, which reached more than 80K views, by saying: “And this is the first video. Watch till the end to know what did Daniella order and could not pay for it?”  Also, Zainab sent her greeting to Egyptian actress Essaad Younes:"All the love for the one who made us love Bakiza Wa Zaghloul series."