Carla Haddad Announces her Divorce from Tony Abou Jaoudeh

It happened months ago
By Vanessa Haber
09 Jun,2020

After a 16-year marriage, Lebanese host Carla Haddad announced her divorce from her husband, the comedian and artist Tony Abou Jaoudeh, on Monday, noting that the divorce was by mutual consent.



The “Fi Male” TV show hostess went on her Instagram account to announce the shocking news of her separation from Tony Abou Jaoudeh, and wrote: “My separation and divorce from Tony Abou Jaoudeh happened with a mutual agreement. However, my family’s privacy remains sacred, and Lea is what matters now.” Carla commented on the photo saying: "Don’t be sad for us, we are happy."


Lea Haddad



The former model also removed the comments box from her post. As for Tony Abou Jaoudeh, he did not leave any comment or post on his account about his divorce, and he chose to remain silent.

Carla Haddad told LBCI channel that the divorce took place 8 months ago, which means last October, but that the couple preferred not to announce the news immediately to the public.

carla haddad family



The couple was known back when Carla and Tony hosted together "Ya Leil Ya Ain" in 2006, where the guests had to compete with singing and wining challenges.