Haifa Wehbe: You Are the Biggest Swindler in Egypt!

Who she meant?
By Vanessa Haber
16 Jun,2020

The conflict between Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe and her former Egyptian business manager, Mohamed Waziri, is still escalating, especially yesterday after Haifa made a controversial statementon her social media accounts.


Haifa Wehbe, who recently made an appearance in Elissa's new music video, accused an anonymous of stealing her money which she gained over the years, (but it was clear that she was referring to Al-Waziri). She tweeted that she didn’t spend years flying between countries, shooting day & night without getting any sleep, to no avail, so that hesteals her money so easily.



She added:" You’re afraid of what people and the press would say about you, but aren’t you afraid of God? It’s not my fault I trusted you, it’s your fault because you weren’t worth the trust.”

Haifa posted another photo on her Instagram story, where she wrote:

“You are the biggest swindler in Egypt.”


It didn’t end at this point, as Haifa shared with her followers a statement addressed to the management of ALLEGRIA. She mentioned that she owns a real estate unit in the complex, which Al Waziri had seized, while she and her sister were not allowed to enter. Haifa added that Al-Waziri broke the door of the villa and took over all its holdings, including important documents.

Haifa asked the administration to stay objective in this case, until adecision is taken by the court, noting that she didn’t receive any response from employees there yet.