Hind Al Bahraini Just Got Engaged

Is her fiancé a colleague?
By Vanessa Haber
13 Jul,2020

Without revealing her fiancé’s face, the singer Hind Al Bahraini announced indirectly her engagement through photos and stories on Instagram.

In her latest post on Instagram, Hind Al Bahraini showed her large diamond engagement ring; although she did not leave any comment on the picture, it was clear that she was celebrating her engagement.

The Bahraini star also shared some videos on her stories, where people were dancing and partying. Also, Hind re- posted all her congratulations greetings on her engagement through Instagram stories without any comment as well.

However, the Bahraini singer confirmed to a magazine, that her engagement news are true, pointing out that her fiancé is not an artist.

On a side note, Hind had tested positive for Covid-19 while she was in Barcelona in ​​Spain, but she recovered completely after she was taken to the hospital to get the needed treatment.