Reem Al Abullah Opens up about her Beginnings

She’s now an inspiring Saudi actress
By Hala Fayad
20 Apr,2020

Saudi actress Reem Al-Abdullah was the guest of “Carpool Karaoke” program, hosted by Hisham Al-Huwaish, and broadcast on SBC the Saudi channel.

During the episode, Reem talked about her beginnings in acting, saying that producers couldn’t believe that a Saudi woman might one day be an actress. However, she was able to reach her goal and become a Saudi star; Reem confirmed that during a meeting with producers, Omar El-Dini called the producer Hassan Eseyri and said: "I met in a big star." Since then, Reem has taken off with her artistic career, as a Saudi woman.




Regarding her first audition, Reem Abdullah said that it was difficult and she didn’t know what some filming terms are. She added: "They understood me. They knew that I was learning all this, because I didn’t study acting, it was a personal effort.”

Saudi actress encouraged other Saudi women to begin their acting career,

Reem said:

"Acting is for everyone and whoever wants to enter this field, then he/she shall do it."

Reem Abdullah was known for her role in Tash Ma Tash series with the duo Abdullah Al-Sadhan and Nasser Al-Qasabi in 2006. However, she followed her artistic career as a Saudi actress with almost 30 series, and a movie in 2012.