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This Saudi Series is Showing on Netflix

The perfect weekend binge
By Vanessa Haber
23 Jul,2020

Saudi drama is expanding on online streaming platforms very quickly, including on one of the largest live streaming platforms, Netflix. After “Whispers" series (the first Saudi Netflix original series)release in June, Takki, is the second Saudi drama to be streamed on the global platform with more than 182 million subscribers.




Takki is not a new Saudi release, as it was the first Saudi drama series on YouTube premiered in 2012; it reached a high number of viewers since the broadcast of its first episode February 20, 2012.

The TV series revolves around Saudi youths who struggle to achieve their dreams in society, tackling social problems and showingthe struggles that women experienced at that time. It also has a funny and lightweight tone amongst the plot. Starring Moayad Al Thaqafi, Khairiya Abu Laban, Ali Al Sharif, Adel Radwan, Hind Al Sayegh and others, and directed by Mohamed Makki.



On a side note, Netflix announced the release of another Saudi movie on its platform, "MasafaSefer", which will be streaming starting July 31st.The film was premiered at the Saudi Film Festival on March 22, 2019, and won the Golden Palm Award for Best feature film. The movie "MasafaSefer", starring Khaled Al-Sakr, Osama Saleh, Yaacoub Al-Farhan, Abdullah Al-Zaid, Ibrahim Al-Hassawi and Ilham Ali, and directed by Abdul Aziz Al-Shalahi.