Princess Diana’s Documentary would Open Old Wounds

An upcoming series claims that she tried to commit suicide 4 times
By Vanessa Haber
22 May,2020

The world was shocked by Princess Diana’s death, years ago, and she’s still sparking controversy about her mysterious life and death. Many documentaries narrated Princess Diana’s struggle as a member of the Royal family, however, a new documentary titled “Being Me: Diana” will be released on Netflix, and is expected to dig deeper inside Diana’s tragic life.

It seems that the Royal family in Britain is not comfortable with this new documentary as it will feature unseen footage from Princess Diana’s moments from her troubled childhood to her unhappy marriage with Prince Charles. The documentary claims that Princess Diana tried to kill herself 4 times, according to a report published on Gala magazine.

The documentary will show rare footages of Princess Diana's as well as exclusive interviews with her close relatives and her secret keepers who will speak out for the first time in front of the camera.


princess diana and charles


"Most observers know that Diana was highly affected by Prince Charles' betrayal with Camilla. This made her sad and look for other men," - Royal writer Leslie Carroll said in an interview with the British press.


She stated that Prince Charles's divorce from Princess Diana negatively affected the lives of their two sons, Prince William and Harry. Leslie told ''It might provide closure, or it might open new wounds for the sons.”

The British Royal family refused to be featured in the documentary, unlike Princess Diana’s family.


princess diana